May 4th, 2012

I can’t believe it’s over…GOOD THING I’M KEEPING MY WEBSITE! Yep, I will definitely be hangin with the hippie hostin.

Importing and exporting my blog was simple, but now I have to transfer my site to Hippie Hosting.  I’ll do that after I have posted my final post…for now. My blog is all organized by assignment and daily creates along with several other categories for easy reading. Not difficult, just time consuming-as was embedding my Youtube vids and Soundcloud clips into the umw blog site. My final project and reflection video are done so farewell for now ds106!

Final Reflection

May 4th, 2012

Final Projecto: The Ocean

May 3rd, 2012

Well, here it is. My still frame music video that goes with this song I made. It’s not so still though.  I added video because, well, i didn’t have enough pictures. Still frame videography is hard!! Mainly because you have to put so many pictures in the right order and make sure you capture the exact moments.  I did the song in Logic and the video in iMovie. I used pictures that I took continuously, but I also used some pictures that I made edits to in Photoshop- like the beach scene ukelele conversion and the colored question mark. Then I just added video from a concert on campus and slowed it down. For the song I wrote a melody and chords and recorded a couple verses with my friend.  I think it’s pretty cute and my goal was to interpret it through pictures.

I wrote this song the day after my family got a puppy.  I was super happy, but at the same time really worried about school. It represents my vacillating emotions that are menacingly present as I am trying to choose a career path to go with and cope with the end of the best time of my life. I made everything in this video and took all of the photos and video.  It’s just stuff I like to do so it was fun to put together.  If I wasn’t as crunched for time I would probably have made the entire thing from still frames rather than including video.

Tutorial 4: Wait, where’d that guy come from?

April 27th, 2012

Here is a wonderous tutorial using Photoshop showing how to successfully put a person from one picture into another. I used a free download of jing to screen capture with audio, but went over the five minute limit so there are 2 videos.
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Tutorial 3: Interview/Music Mashup

April 26th, 2012

This assignment is just so awesome.  I hope you have Garageband because that is all you need to complete this task.  The example on the assignment page is really neat because it’s like a pseudo radio show, but with responses that you recognize.  The first and probably hardest thing to do is choosing the characters for the interview. What are you going to sound like? British? Radio announcer? And then think about what the angle of the interviewee is. Who are they? Are they trying to tell you something or just being interviewed because everyone wants to know what they think?

Once you have that all worked out, hopefully with a few musical references in mind, start a new project in Garageband. You can also use Audacity, but it’s just easier in Garageband.  In your new empty project add three audio tracks – one for you the interviewer, one for the song clips, and a trash track.  Look in your music to see what songs you have ad listen to a few choruses and verses to setup your questions.  Then record yourself asking the questions.  When you are ready for a music clip, go to the media button (which is highlighted in blue in the bottom right corner) and find your song files. Then drag the song you want into the the 3rd track. find the spot that has the desired audio and trim the song by clicking and dragging the ends of the clip until they reach the places where the desired audio starts and stops.  Drag the shortened clip into track two and position it after the right question.  Then repeat this for all of the questions and responses you have.  When the interview is complete you can export the song to an mp3 by clicking share in the top tool bar and sending it to iTunes or just exporting it to a CD. Upload it to Soundclound for the world to hear!!

New Assignment: I Know People

April 26th, 2012

This design assignment is like a mixture of Celeb Mashup! and Wait, Where’d that guy come from? because you have to add a celebrity to an existing photo of you or your friends to make it look like the celeb was actually with you.  A party scene is great but you can also use a pic with a few people just hanging out.  The inspiration for this assignment actually came from a site where a guy adds celebs to a bunch of his party pics, but flawlessly adds them. It’s weird how natural they are. Anyways, I made this photo by adding Dakota Fanning’s head to a shot of a few friends in Ball Circle.  It’s not that great, but it gets the idea across.  I used Photoshop and copied and pasted the head and then did some erasing of Dakota’s head and used the smudge tool to blend her hair in.

Remix Cha-ching

April 26th, 2012

Everything is a remix. That’s why you always hear people saying nothing is original anymore.  The first video represented remixing in the music world and exemplified it through rock band stealing folk music.  Well, folks, this is not the first time this has happened.  Many composers have taken tunes from others and morphed it into their own work..and by many I mean mostly everyone.  Wagner, Debussy, and Bartok are just a few who have taken materials from others and built upon it. This isn’t a bad thing- it’s how we find our personal style so that others can steal from us.  Creativity is a means to an end, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t create.

New Assignment: Jingle Jam

April 25th, 2012

This assignment stemmed from the DS106 radio show project.  When we had to make commercials I decided to make a jingle instead for my favorite cafe.  Here is the assignment: Create a short jingle using at least two instruments (recorded or software).  It can be for a fictional or real product or place.

Here is the jingle I made for Blackstone coffee. I used Garageband to record a guitar part and vocal line.  You should be able to add an audio track and hit record. I recommend recording the parts separately while wearing headphones so that the audio is better quality.  You can also create a tune using software instruments or sounds produced by instruments created for whatever program you are using. When you are finished, just export the song.

Blackstone Coffee, more like crack-stone.
Fresh espresso havin’ your heart beat like a drum.
Don’t forget their divine desserts.
Gotta get down to Blackstone.

Week 13 Daily Creates

April 24th, 2012

tdc 103 – word picture -I felt like I was walking around in a construction zone the whole day…There is construction going on at my main building, Pollard. I couldn’t get away from it; I could hear them drilling while I was inside.

Use caution today

tdc 105 – 7 word story – woops, i actually only used 7 words. BTW, true story.


April 17th, 2012

Yes, The PROJECT is coming along nicely.  I’ll probably call it “the ocean” when everything is finished, but as for now it will be titleless. I have just about finished the song for my music video and I am moving on to the video part.  The brainstorming stage is almost over.  I have a cute, happy song so I am going to try to represent it in the video as best I can.  I used Logic for the song which I have used before so that’s not too difficult, but I am going to try and use FinalCut Pro for the video part. A green screen or white wall will be the background. The tricky part will be going back to that same spot and making sure nothing looks different.  See, I am only using stills for this music video and objects-kind of like an eternal GIF. It will be a nice little story demonstrating the subject matter of the song. It will be very animated and colorful and I am excited to start shooting!